Japanese Kimono

with an elegant touch of French Haute Couture

Each and every piece of our kimono is crafted from high quality pure silk with dyeing and embroidery all done by experienced Japanese craftmen.
The techniques used are centuries old and they truly are works of art.
With a fine workmanship of French Haute Couture,
it offers a perfect match of luxury and comfort.


Couture+81 kimonos will be brought to your hotel or residence anywhere
in Paris for you to try on yourself and take a close look.
Please contact us to make an appointment,
we will arrange a visit at your convenience.
Each kimono is not only unique but varies in sizes and prices.
The majority of our prices range approximately from 2,000 to 3,000 Euros. Once you pick up your piece, you may like some alteration for the perfect fit. All the pieces are able to be downsized (upsizing upon availability), and it will also be done by our specially trained hands. In most cases, the final products will be delivered to you within the next day.


Tel : +33 (0)6 44 39 49 26